Gola Island
Gola Island is situated just 1 mile off the coast of Gweedore. This sunny and deserted island offers you the chance to get away from it all and unwind with the sound of the sea and plentiful bird life. Gola is easily walked in a few hours and offers splendid views of the surrounding islands, reefs and the mainland. With its many beaches and secluded bay it is always easy to find an out of the way place sheltered from whatever wind may be blowing.
Tory Island
The rugged Tory coastline Known as Ireland’s jewel in the Atlantic, Tory Island’s rugged beauty is steeped in history and mythology, but unlike Gola is still inhabited to this day.
The island has been inhabited since the age of the Neolithic Farmers, some 4000 years ago.
Legend has it that Tory was once occupied by a pirate race whose God-Chief was Balor – the giant with the evil eye.
The Round Tower and the Tau Cross of St. Columbkille still survive on Tory.
Tory’s remoteness has been a factor in the preservation of the native Irish language, traditions, songs, dances and way of life – it even has its own indigenous school of painters.
The geography and location of the island, off the North West coast make it an ideal destination for the ornithologist wishing to study the many species of sea birds which inhabit the island.
Tory also offers amenities ancient and modern – it offers the convenience of a hotel, B&Bs, a hostel, a shop, and a Céilí Club. Tory can be reached by the Coastal Cruiser ‘Tor Mor’, which departs regularly from Bunbeg.



Bunbeg House,
The Harbour,
Co. Donegal,
F92 PX80


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